Mr. August

Calendar Men 8
M/M Paranormal Shifters
Pride Publishing: Ebook

It’s not just the temperature that’s making August the hottest month in San Antonio…

Roman Davies is hot—everyone says so. In fact, some people think he should make a calendar all on his own! But Roman doesn’t see what those folks see. He’s fought all his life for every scrap of confidence he has, and there are times he’s hanging on to it by his fingernails.

It doesn’t help that he’s not one of the ‘in’ crowd at college. He’d hoped that kind of cliquishness would have stopped after high school but it hasn’t. Being asked to pose for a calendar shoot doesn’t endear him to any of the bullies.

One wiry, irritated man steps in when Roman’s being harassed, and from that interaction, love will grow—but there are people who can’t stand to see Roman happy.

General Release Date: 31st July 2018

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